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Sears Garage Door Opener Repair

Opener repair in VancouverThere are different types of signs that a Sears garage door opener requires repair. The unit may not start working at all. Poor overall performance is another sign of trouble. It can be characterized with lower opening speed or slamming of the door against the ground. Strange noises and burnt smell coming from the main unit or the drive are also signs that there is an issue.

Sears Opener Repair Process

The process usually begins with the close inspection of the unit. Tests may be run as well. The solution for the problem is designed to eliminate its cause. The repair work can involve simply the adjustment of the settings. In other cases, it can include chain drive cleaning, rust removal and lubrication. Broken moving gear and severely damaged circuit board require replacement. A malfunctioning motor can be fixed or replaced. Replacement of the entire opener is necessary when the damage is beyond repair.

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Garage Door Repair Vancouver

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