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Usual Complains about Garage Door Openers

03/15/2014 Back To Blog

Usual Complains about Garage Door OpenersIf you are lucky, your garage doors will still be alive and moving if the cable is loose or the bracket have slightly moved, but if the opener is problematic, they will remain shut and immobilized. Most of the times, the problems relate to the electricity supply or the destruction of the motor, but there are also simpler reasons that may prevent the operation of the opener and can be possibly fixed by you as long as you know where to look at.

Is the opener powerful enough?

Many homeowners replace garage door parts often or the panel itself, but forget that each motor has a specified horse power that can hold up to a certain amount of pounds. If the door is moving extremely slow or the opener has a difficulty moving it, you should consider whether you have replaced some parts that have made the opener's life harder. Most garages, which host up to two cars, usually have openers with ½ horse power, but as the needs of consumers in Washington grow, experts of any garage door repair agree that the new openers with a ¾ power will soon be very popular.

Is the opener too noisy?

It is a serious matter, which is associated with the age and type of the opener. The older the opener, the most noisy it would be. The  usual type that the majority of people  prefer is the chain drive garage door opener, which is loud and its chain requires good lubrication regularly. If you are tired of its noise or it's time to replace it, you could get a belt drive that is completely silent.

Does it communicate properly with the other parts?

One of the most usual problems is the lack of communication with the remote controls. You should check whether there is something wrong with the transmitter by trying to activate the opener from the switch on the wall. You should also check its wires because small animals like to play or chew on them and you must definitely ensure their good connection with the sensors.

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